Protect your surgical instruments with expert maintenance and repair services

We streamline the process for keeping your surgical instruments maintained to the highest standards

All Operating Rooms Face the Same Problem

Current surgical instrument maintenance & repair programs are fragmented & variable.

Unreliable or Inconsistent Quality

Expensive, Recurring Costs

The surgical instrument repair industry is in need of major change

3 weeks

of training for new technicians

> 100%

mark-up on most repairs

< 8

maximum number of trays serviced per day

The EDGE Solution

With EDGE Instrument Advantage, you get comprehensive surgical instrument maintenance & repair from professionals with over 50-combined years in the industry.

Our instrument maintenance services are available to surgical sites and community clinics throughout the state of California

No Contractual Limits

EDGE removes contractual limitations typically seen in maintenance and repair service agreements. Integrate the EDGE Surgical Instrument Quality Monitoring program for real-time, face-to-face instrument feedback.

Quality Driven Off-site Repair

Our technicians are capable of repairing all makes and models of your Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes, Power Equipment, H/D cameras, Minimally Invasive Surgical instruments. We also offer custom instrument design and fabrication.

Unique HYBRID program

EDGE will develop, implement, and staff the specialized team critical in establishing a successful in-house surgical instrument repair department.

Total Repair Management

EDGE will manage existing OEM service agreements including end-to-end support from sending out to return to service, saving your team valuable time and preventing frustration.

EDGE Positions Your Healthcare Facility for Success

EDGE will have your instrumentation & team
ready for current and future accreditation surveys

Customers enjoy an observed savings of at
least 20% over current repair vendor

Regular face-to-face communication and
feedback with the end user results in improved patient outcomes

Partnerships with our customers stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

  • At EDGE, we can trace our genesis back to the Operating Room of a top-five academic medical center.
  • We have stood, and continue to stand with you at the operating room table.
  • We are uniquely positioned to understand the impact that surgical instrument quality and efficiency has on daily operations in the OR & SPD.
  • Partnering with EDGE will improve your patient outcomes, maintain survey readiness, and elevate surgeon satisfaction.

We continue to build on our 50+ years of experience in surgical instrument repair, design, and manufacturing. EDGE has earned FDA certifications for both surgical instrument manufacturing and repair and meeting the requirements outlined in the ISO 13485:2016.

Let EDGE Transform Your Surgical Service