About EDGE
Instrument Advantage

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with a wide range of experience, including working in the Operating Room.

EDGE offers a unique way for healthcare facilities to maintain their surgical equipment

Our approach is an evolution of the current surgical instrument maintenance and repair industry.

Our customers enjoy all the benefits of owning a highly optimized in-house surgical instrument repair program with the convenience and simplicity of a contracted service. 

Our Values

Why you should choose EDGE Instrument Advantage?

We’re the only surgical instrument maintenance and repair company that can trace their origin to the Operating Room of a top 5 academic medical center.

50+ combined years of experience positions EDGE Instrument Advantage customers ahead of competitors and constantly shrinking operating budgets

Our one-of-a-kind approach saves our customers a minimum of 20% over current surgical instrument maintenance and repair programs.

Transparency and integrity drive EDGE to innovate and evolve.

We set out to experience first hand the impact of surgical instrument quality and efficiency on your patient outcomes.

Enjoy the benefits of owing an in-house surgical instrument maintenance & repair program.

We Understand How Important Your Surgical Equipment Is; Let Us Help You Maintain It!